Dear Parents,

My colleagues in the Nursery join me in wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year and I hope that you had a lovely festive season with your little ones.

Incredibly, it is now three years since we opened our wonderful Nursery.  It is hard to believe that our first cohort of babies are looking forward to starting Reception in September.  The success of the Nursery is entirely due to the motivation and commitment of our dedicated staff, so very ably led by Lucie Melen, Chloe Franklin and Marie Alleyne.  My heartfelt thanks to them all.

Foals 1

The babies have been enjoying lots of messy play this week. They have used various tools such as cars and paint brushes to practise their fine motor skills and to create pictures for the display board.



Foals 2

The children in Foals 2 have enjoyed sensory activities to celebrate Chinese New Year. They helped mix ingredients to make play-dough and later on watched the colour turn red. They also helped mix rice and red food dye to create another intriguing activity.



Yearlings have started a new topic of transport! They made their own car out of a cardboard box and the children have enjoyed driving in it . They have also been doing lots of painting where they have been painting with car wheels and stamping with different vehicles.


Ponies 1

Ponies 1 started talking about aeroplanes during afternoon play. They worked together to improvise their own aeroplane and watched some flight simulators on the big screen. It brought about lots of interest.




Ponies 2

Since returning back to school after the Christmas break, we have changed our topic to ‘Winter’. The children in Ponies 2 have really enjoyed exploring the new role play area, which is now a ‘Sledding and Ice Skating rink’. Here the children have to register for their choice of activity using the clipboards at the reception desk. If ice skating, they then need to choose which size ‘boots’ they need from 1-5, before putting them on to enjoying some skating. There may have been a few snowball fights too!

They have also made some ‘snow’ by mixing flour and baby oil together for the sensory tray. This creates a great snow like effect and Ponies 2 have enjoyed exploring this sensory activity with small world Arctic animals.
This topic has gone down a storm so far with the children and they are all looking forward to exploring it much further!





Pushchair outside Nursery

There is a pushchair that has been left outside the Nursery since before Christmas.  If this is yours, please could you take it home with you.  Thank you.

Medical & Dietary Requirements

Please may I remind you to keep Nursery staff up-to-date of any changes to your child’s health or dietary requirements.  All dietary allergies or intolerances must be accompanied by a letter from your child’s GP or dietitian.  Thank you.

Fairstead House Parents’ Association

Fairstead House Parents’ Association are delighted to announce that the date has been set for this year’s highly popular Summer Party!  This year’s Party will be held at the Bedford Lodge Hotel and the PA have booked a highly recommended live band to perform.

More details will follow but please do put the date in your diary!

Your Thoughts

As ever, my office is always open and I am very open to any suggestions or ways in which we can further enhance and improve our provision for your children.  Please do come and see me and let me know your thoughts!

I am also very happy to give you a personal tour of the whole school and answer any questions you may have regarding your children’s future education.

With my best wishes,

Lynda Brereton