Dear Parents,

It has been another exciting month in the Nursery, starting with World Book Day, finishing with Easter, and with lots of fun in between! We hope you enjoy seeing what everyone has been doing in March.

Foals 1

The babies have had a busy few weeks exploring Easter! We have enjoyed paints, stamps, feathers, shiny eggs and even tasted some hot cross buns! The babies had lots of fun exploring the sensory tray filled with shredded paper and feathers. They used a variety of fine motor skills, including forming a pincer grip to pick up the small pieces of paper in search for the hidden eggs.

Foals 2

Foals 2 have had another busy, messy month! We painted rainbows to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, made yummy fudge for our mummies for Mother’s Day and dressed up for World Book Day. We’ve spent lots of time in the garden now the weather is improving, and we’ve been developing our gross and fine motor skills with lots of mark making.


The children enjoyed exploring the animal-themed activities so much that we followed their increased levels of interest and continued the topic for another month.

We made a pond life sensory tray, with sparkly green water, frogs, froglets and tadpoles. The children enjoyed splashing the frogs up and down in the water.

We watched a video on how to milk a cow by hand and then used a life-like cardboard cut-out of a cow, a plastic glove and some white paint mixed with water to replicate squeezing the milk from the cow’s udders. Everyone enjoyed it and some even wanted to take the cow home!

Taking full advantage of the glorious weather this week we went on an afternoon walk to the Heath for a picnic and a little run to stretch our legs.

We have had some fun Easter activities including making Easter nest cakes and an enjoyable Easter egg hunt.

Ponies 1

Ponies 1 had so much fun celebrating World Book Day this year. We were so excited to get dressed up in our best costumes and spend the day reading and engaging in story-based role play.

We have also been enjoying the beautiful weather outside to maximise our learning and play. We took part in a shape hunt outside using special shape hunting glasses and were so impressed with the different shape matches we made. We have also enjoyed building using the tools, exploring the insects we found, chalk mark making and popping as many bubbles as we can (non COVID ones of course!)

Ponies 2

This week the children have been exploring the Easter themed activities available. There has been sorting, threading, pairing, and sieving as the children have been strengthening their finger muscles.

Even though we sing nearly every day, the children are thoroughly enjoying carrying out singing sessions with their friends, and they love to take on the role of the teacher to lead.

By making their own 3D shapes, the children have been creating some dens for their choice of animals. They glued, taped and decorated these to help keep their animals safe from any predators!

We have made lots of use of the sensory tray to create different habitats for our animals. It has been lots of fun exploring the desert sands, the cold waters of the ocean, the freezing ice of the Arctic and Antarctic, and we are now creating a forest and a savannah to discover what rumbles in the jungle!

When asking the children about what our next topic should be, the responses were “ocean”, “sea”, “ice”, “rain” and a “rainforest”, so encompassing all of these ideas, our new topic next term will be ‘The Wonders of Water’.

Happy Easter

As with all Bank Holidays, we are now closed for Good Friday and Easter Monday, and look forward to welcoming you back from Tuesday 6th April, or from Monday 19th April if you attend for term-time only.

Wishing you all a lovely long weekend!