Dear Parents,

I am sure that, like me, you will be delighted by the following charming photographs of your children having a wonderful time at Nursery!  I continue to be proud and so impressed when I watch your children enter the Nursery with such excitement, maturity and joy.

Foals 1

Our very youngest children in Foals 1 have been enjoying lots of sensory activities this month, including cloud-dough, foam, paints, jelly and rice krispies. We have used a variety of tools to create different marks, as well as bowls and cups to practise our scooping and pouring skills.

Foals 2

Foals 2 have had a fun-filled month! We have explored using our senses with moon-dough, honed our fine motor skills by threading pasta and getting messy with paint! We’ve also spent lots of time outside, practising our physical skills.



In Yearlings, we have been exploring our indoor obstacle course by weaving through chairs, crawling under tables, jumping and landing on two feet. The children have also been investigating using their senses, from chasing bubbles, to dancing using torches. The new topic for Yearlings will be ‘Animals’ and the children have already been transforming the role play area into a farm.


Ponies 1

Ponies 1 have recently started a new topic focusing on ‘All about me’. This began with a story called ‘The Colour Monster’ where we discussed the different coloured monsters in the story which represent different emotions. The children then had a go at creating their own colour monsters, practising their mark making skills and control with using the different tools available. We have also recently introduced a new role play area following the children’s recent interest in pretending to visit a ‘Cafe’ and taking on the different roles associated with a cafe such as customers, waiters/waitresses and chefs.


Ponies 2

Ponies 2 have settled back in from their Christmas holiday and are enjoying their new topic on ‘The Zoo’. The children have been learning about how to look after the animals and the different habitats that they live in. Each week we look at a different habitat and so far we have created a savannah and an ocean habitat enclosure to go in the zoo. Every Friday, The National Marine Aquarium are live streaming ‘Marina the Mermaid’ stories and teaching us interesting ocean facts, which we are enjoying a lot.
Each term the children draw a self portrait which we display in the classroom and it is always amazing to see the progression in their drawing abilities. Our most exciting news is that we were lucky enough to be donated a fish tank, and so we have welcomed four new fish to Ponies 2. The children have watched closely as the tank was prepared and daily would ask ‘when are we getting the fish?’ We now just need to think of some names!



Nursery ‘Virtual Tour’

As parents and prospective parents are not allowed to visit the Nursery during the day at the moment due to Government Covid-19 prevention measures, we decided to film a virtual ‘tour’ of the Nursery. We are particularly mindful that parents who are currently searching for a Nursery are faced with the prospect of registering their child with a nursery that they have not been able to visit. We are, therefore, keen to be able to give these parents a feel for life in our happy Nursery.

Filming took place today and it was wonderful to see all the children busy with their activities and having fun with their friends!  We look forward to sharing this video with you shortly.

With my best wishes,

Lynda Brereton