Dear Parents,

It has been another busy month in the Nursery!  It is always a little sad at this time of year as we start to say goodbye to our oldest Ponies 2 children, who will leave us at the end of the term and over the next couple of months.  If your child is leaving us this summer to start school in September, please do let us know when their last day in the Nursery will be.  Thank you.

Foals 1

The babies have enjoyed exploring the sandpit recently. On a few of the rainy days, we decided to create our own sandpit indoors. We used buckets and spades to help further develop our pouring and scooping skills. The babies also attempted to blow the pinwheels in order to make them spin around.

They have also enjoyed other sensory activities such as the paints and our farmyard themed tray where we used oats, Shredded Wheat and chocolate flavoured powder.


Foals 2

Foals 2 have enjoyed the arrival of the sunshine! We’ve taken trips to the park, played in the paddling pools and had lots of outdoor play opportunities! We made a yummy treat of flapjack, and made our daddies fish themed cards for Father’s Day. We also practised our gross motor skills in our indoor sandpit, filling and emptying buckets, building sandcastles and blowing shiny windmills!



Our new topic in Yearlings is “summer fun” and what better way to start this topic than to turn the Yearlings’ ‘home corner’ into a beach! The children have enjoyed playing in the sand, digging, pouring, scooping and tipping.
We had some sparkly blue water with some gorgeous shells and sea creatures that they children enjoyed exploring in our new aprons.
We are looking forward to more super exciting summer fun activities over the coming weeks!

Ponies 1

Over the last few weeks, Ponies 1 have enjoyed exploring the topic of ‘Dinosaurs’. We have learnt about what dinosaurs like to eat, where they might like to live, how tall our model dinosaurs are and also enjoyed using our dinosaurs to do some stomp painting!  We also have loved relaxing outside in the beautiful weather, where we became intrepid explorers who freed the dinosaurs from the ice.  We enjoyed looking at the shadows our dinosaurs made!

Ponies 2

Ponies 2 were amazed to see that all five of our caterpillars transformed into beautiful butterflies. Some of the children were lucky enough to catch the moment they emerged, and it provided lots of enjoyment watching them start to fly around. We did finally have to say goodbye and set them free, but we are very happy that they can fly wherever they wish to.

We have been enjoying playing in the bark area, where the children can try the big climbing frames, climb the tree, sit in the summer house and run around a larger area. It is always a great opportunity to stretch the children’s gross motor skills, and also allow them the chance to take a few more (closely watched) risks as they challenge themselves with more complex movements.

In Mandarin with Mrs. Li, the children have loved learning about dragon boat races, and carrying out their own races with paper dragons. They have also tried their hand at using chopsticks, to firstly pick up marshmallows and then some beans which proved a big challenge.

As part of our topic ‘the Wonders of Water’, the children have been making some rain clouds. They had to draw around a template, cut out their cloud, tear strips of coloured tissue paper and stick them on for the rain. It was a great opportunity to continue to talk about the water cycle, and how it rains. To extend this further the children have watched demonstrations of water being sprayed onto the window, and could see how the fine droplets start to stick together and get larger until they are too heavy and ‘fall’ down as rain drops.

In the coming weeks we will be saying goodbye to many of the children in Ponies 2 as they move onto their next adventure at big school. We would just like to say a big THANK YOU for allowing us be to a part of your child’s journey. It is always so sad to say goodbye but we know they are ready for the next step and will have the most amazing time.


Sports Day for Children in the Ponies 2 Room

We are thrilled that our annual “Sports Day” for children in our Ponies 2 Room will be held on on Thursday 8th July at 2pm in the school grounds.

Parents of children who are taking part are welcome to attend Sports Day, but we will have to insist on strict adherence to social distancing rules. Therefore, we request that only parents come to watch on this occasion, and please do not invite grandparents or other family members.  We hope that this is the last year that such restrictions will be necessary and that all children and their families will be able to attend next year.

Please let me know if you would like to attend Sports Day so that we can prepare allocated seating at 2m intervals.

If your child does not usually attend Nursery on a Thursday afternoon and you would like your child to take part in Sports Day, then please do bring your child in at 1.45pm that day.

Children are not required to wear uniform for the afternoon and should dress comfortably for the weather and for their activities. If your child attends Nursery all day that day, please send them in wearing their usual uniform and with their clothes for Sports Day in a bag.  We will get the children changed and ready to take part.

Please note that there will be no parking available at Fairstead and please do not arrive before 1.45pm.

We are all looking forward to the easing of Covid-19 restrictions and we hope for a return to normality in the near future.

With my best wishes,

Lucie Melen & the Nursery Team