It has been a long time – and much has changed – since our last Nursery newsletter and I am delighted to say that the Nursery is, once again, full of happy children and staff delighted to be back! I look forward to sending out a Nursery Newsletter on the first of every month from now on.

As you can imagine, our Christmas celebrations at Fairstead will be rather different this year; however, please be assured that we will do our utmost to make this a joyous occasion for you and your children. Whilst we will not be able to invite you in to watch our traditional Nursery nativities this year, we are currently exploring all avenues as to how we can (safely and in line with Government guidelines) share our Christmas celebrations with you.

Foals 1

We have been having fun in Foals 1 with lots of sensory play. Our new babies are settling in well and have been getting messy with sensory spaghetti play and getting creative using an array of objects as tools to paint with. The children have also made the most of the last of the summer weather. They loved exploring the paddling pool and splashing in the water. We practised our pouring skills using various tools such as boats, colanders and bowls.

Foals 2

It has been lovely to welcome all the children in Foals 2 after lockdown! They have been developing their gross motor skills by digging in the sandpit, and their fine motor skills by mark making with playdough. They’ve had lots of fun!


We have really enjoyed having all the children back at Nursery. We noticed very quickly that the Yearlings were very interested in caterpillars: we used this interest and our focused topic is “The life cycle of a butterfly”.

We were very lucky to look after Benjamin’s caterpillars for a week, the children got to see the caterpillars in their enclosure and up close in a ‘tuff’ tray.

We have been busy making a big caterpillar with the days of the week on and little caterpillars and butterflies to go on the window as a display. We have now started creating a big display of their life cycle, starting with an egg on a leaf.

Ponies 1

Ponies 1 have been exploring a new topic all about ‘animals’ this term. We have been creating animal masks, animal print collages, rainbow fish mark making and taking part in lots of different animal puzzles and counting activities. We have been learning all about the different places animals live and the different names they have.

Ponies 2

In Ponies 2, the children were very excited to learn about our new topic, ‘Space’. The children have helped to create their own role play area of a Space Station, where they have been able to put on their space helmets and use the control panels to BLAST OFF into space! Richard kindly brought in a wonderful model of the solar system he had created with his family. He explained to us how we could also create such a model and talked about his favourite planets. We have been able to explore a new experience during story time too, listening to stories being read to us from outer space, from astronauts, including Tim Peake and Serena Auñón-Chancellor.

Nursery Coats

As the rainy weather is now upon us, please could you ensure that your child brings a waterproof coat to Nursery each day. For children in Ponies 1 and 2, this must be a Fairstead House Nursery uniform green coat. As always, please do ensure that all your children’s clothes are clearly named, including shoes and wellies. Thank you.

Medical Tracker

We have started using an electronic means of recording any accidents in Nursery. Should your child hurt themselves in any way during the day, you will be informed by e-mail. This ensures that there is no chance of forms being lost or mislaid. Please be assured that if we believe your child needs to be collected, we will of course contact you by telephone right away.

Nursery Invoices

Just a reminder that, as in our letter of 1st September, all Nursery invoices are now sent in arrears. Therefore, you will receive an invoice at the start of each month for the Nursery sessions as well as any additional hours accrued during the previous month. We hope that this new system will provide greater clarity and accuracy in your invoices.

Dropping-off and Collecting Your Children

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all profusely for your co-operation regarding the changes to the arrangements for the dropping off and collection of your child at Nursery since the start of the pandemic. I am always delighted to observe how happily the children enter the Nursery with our staff! In response to some comments regarding the rather muddy field, we are now looking into tarmacking the narrow strip where you park.

Please may I remind you to telephone the Nursery when you have arrived (on 07590 864460) and then wait by your car for the Nursery staff to come to you. Please let any Grandparents or Nannies who may be collecting your child also know the system. Thank you.

Staff Update

As you can imagine, there have been a number of changes to staff in the Nursery since our last Newsletter in March. The Room Leaders are now as follows:

Foals 1 – Miss Carlie Pinkowski
Foals 2 – Miss Joanna Turvey
Yearlings – Miss Brittany Benton and Mrs Kaylee WIlliams
Ponies 1 – Miss Sam Hancock
Ponies 2 – Miss Marie Alleyne

Miss Benton will begin maternity leave in December and, to ensure a smooth transition, Mrs Williams has joined the Yearlings Room now.

We are currently updating our Nursery website and will shortly have a list of all Nursery staff, together with their photographs, available on the website.

October Half-term

If your child attends the Nursery on a term-time only basis, please note that our October half-term is for two weeks, from Monday 26th October to Friday 6th November. If you would like to book your child in for extra sessions during half-term then please contact either Mrs Lucie Melen or Mrs Chloe Franklin for our availability. Thank you.

Christmas Opening Hours

This year, as we advised last year, please note that the Nursery will close at 3.30pm on Thursday 24th December and re-open on Monday 4th January. Should your child normally attend on a Thursday and you do not plan to come to Nursery on that day (or any other day of the week beginning Monday 21st December when your child would usually attend), please advise Mrs Melen as soon as possible to help with our staffing rotas.

With my best wishes,

Lynda Brereton