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Our very youngest members of the Fairstead Family are looked after in our two Foals Rooms. Both rooms are bright, airy and provide a stimulating environment for your little one.

The Foals Room for our youngest children was purpose built and carefully designed to offer a ‘home from home’ setting in comfortable, natural surroundings.  The Room Leader ensures that each child has a daily individual activity, prepared uniquely for each child’s personal stage of development, which all the other children can join in with if they choose.  Children can enter this room from 3 months old and stay there until they are beginning to walk.

The second Foals Room is for children aged from about 16 months to 24 months and was specifically created for little ones beginning to take their first steps in the world.  This room provides exciting challenges with equipment such as an indoor gym for the children to explore and to hone their newfound new physical abilities.

We can accept nine children into Foals 1 and twelve children into Foals 2.  Our generous staffing ratios make sure that each child is superbly nurtured and cared for.

Miss Carlie Pinkowski is Room Leader in Foals 1 and Miss Joanna Turvey is Room Leader in Foals 2. 


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