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We have two Ponies Rooms in the Nursery; our ‘Pre-school’ rooms. Ponies 1 is for children aged from around 2½ to around 3½ years old.  In this room, the children are introduced to a slightly more structured day and more of a classroom environment.  The children are encouraged to be independent and to relish the daily activities and challenges prepared for them.


The second Ponies Room completes your child’s first stage of their journey at Fairstead House.  This room is specifically tailored to prepare children for Reception whilst still having huge amounts of fun!


Strong foundations continue to be laid in both rooms, developing children’s self-confidence, self-awareness and independence.  The children are given opportunities to hone their control and co-ordination in both large and small movements, including in PE lessons.  Language skills continue to develop, with the exciting addition of Mandarin and Spanish.  The children’s natural curiosity of the world around them is encouraged and explored.


The children are required to wear a simple and comfortable Nursery uniform in these two rooms.  Uniform may be purchased online from Mr Cricket’s website or from the school eBay shop.


The transition for the Ponies children to Reception is very smooth, as they are already settled within the Fairstead Family community thanks to a strong partnership between Nursery and School staff. 


Ponies 2 is led by Miss Marie Alleyne; an Early Years Qualified Teacher. 



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