Nursery Uniform List

All children in the Ponies Rooms are required to wear a simple, comfortable Nursery Uniform.  Uniform is optional for children in the Yearlings Room.   All Ponies children wear Nursery jogging bottoms and tops.  Girls may also wear pinafore dresses or summer dresses and boys may wear grey shorts or trousers.  All items marked with an asterisk must be purchased from Fairstead House Uniform Shop, “Mr Cricket” in Burwell.  Please find their website here:   www.fairsteadhouseuniformshop.co.uk



No uniform

Yearling & Ponies:


Green jogging bottoms*

Green sweatshirt*

Green School coat*

Pinafore dress* (optional)

Summer dress* (optional)

Grey shorts/trousers (optional)

White polo shirt


School sun hat*

Drawstring School bag for spare clothes*

School gloves, scarf and warm hat*


Please ensure that your child wears suitable footwear for the Nursery.
Please note that, for the safety of the children, we do not allow the children to wear any jewellery or earrings in the Nursery.